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“Wild Thing”, photo credit: @mamastaywild

“Wild Thing”, photo credit: @mamastaywild


Inspired by life…

Born and raised in New Haven CT, I began working at an early age as a professional child actor (over 40 national commercials, off-broadway theater, extra work on popular television shows like “SNL” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”).  I began drumming at age 6 and now at age 37 I’ve recorded, toured and performed with over a hundred bands and artists and written a few hundred songs, some of them are up on my Soundcloud page.

I found yoga in 2004 auditioning for “The Blue Man Group” in NYC. The casting directors told me I had great instincts but lacked focus, and recommended I take some yoga classes to get grounded. Even though they decided I would not be a good fit as a Blue Man, yoga revealed a radical way of witnessing and untying the rejection trauma I had built up in my personality from ten years of acting. My first yoga teacher, Anne Katz, was based in Westport CT and started me on a gentle yoga called “Svaroopa Yoga”, and she remains a good friend to this day. The term, svaroopa, comes from the Sanskrit sva, meaning “the self,” and roopa, meaning “form.” It translates to “the bliss of your own being” in English.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to try and “make it” as a drummer, I found the west coast way of life highly conducive to spiritual awakening.  On my own, I began doing austerity practices like fasting, vows of silence, celibacy and hours of seated meditation. I read texts from all religions and schools of thought, learning as much as possible about spirituality as a whole.  I was touring with the band “Uh Huh Her” and taking yoga classes around LA with random teachers in all different styles. I was drumming with smaller bands and dj’s, delivering flowers part time and doing seva (selfless service) as a volunteer activist, staff member and mentor for a few NPO’s (Creativity Heals, Mediators Beyond Borders and Awaken Arts).  

In 2010, I completed a 40hr transformative mediation training with Ken Cloke, founder of Mediators Beyond Borders. In 2012 I began visiting “The Esalen Institute” in Big Sur on a regular basis, where native american ceremony, gestalt therapy and time in nature furthered my development of expanding consciousness and actualizing my existence. Working with Peter Meyers (Stand And Deliver Group) I honed my skills in communication, conflict resolution and improv acting/public speaking.  I also co-created a meditation podcast called “The Shaman And The Rockstar” with Ian Peric (Priceless Vitality) which opened the door for Ian and I to travel to Italy for a month in 2014 to tour the country teaching meditation.

Moving back to Connecticut in 2014, I decided to tie my acting skills, my love for teaching music and my practice of yoga all together.  I got a part time job working at lululemon athletica in Westport CT, and began playing live music for yoga classes around Connecticut and New York (Dew Yoga, Pop Up Yoga CT, Equinox Fitness, Basil Yoga, Kaia Yoga, Intentional Wellness Katonah, Radiate Yoga, CT Bowspring, Fresh Yoga, Balanced Yoga) with the intention of becoming a yoga teacher.  Then, magically in 2015, one of the studios I was working with and practicing at needed a sub for a yoga class and asked me if I would step in and teach! The class was rough and I knew I would have a lot to do before I really felt confident as a teacher.

A few months later (with the enormous help of Mitchel and Tracy Blieir) I began teaching at CT Bowspring, then Sama Yoga in New Canaan CT and Balanced Yoga in New Haven CT; honing my skills as a yoga teacher by teaching yoga.  I consider the first 2 ½ years of teaching yoga my 200hr certification. In 2018, I completed a 300hr advanced Bhakti Yoga teacher training with Raghunath Cappo (one of my gurus and childhood inspiration from the bands ‘Shelter’ and ‘Youth Of Today’). I currently teach music, yoga and meditation privately in my home in New Haven CT, and guide public yoga classes at Sama Yoga, Balanced Yoga and Bend Yoga in Milford, CT. My classes are challenging and fun for students of all levels, and I am always eager to share the practices of music and Bhakti Yoga with anyone who wants to learn.